WHAT HAPPENS IF I LOST MY PASSWORD? Go to retrieve your password, enter your email address and your password will be reset.

DO YOU HAVE IMAGE SETS? The imageStore only has images in single files.

CAN I CONTACT CONTRIBUTORS AND ORDER CUSTOM IMAGES? No. Photographers are not bound to custom requested images in contract.

HOW DOES THE imageStore FUNCTION? Contributing illustrators and photographers submit their work. If itís approved itíll be sent to their existing category. Users can browse and download royalty-free images.

WHAT DOES ROYALTY-FREE MEAN? Royalty-free is a type of stock photo that gives unlimited use of an image in any type of media in licensing terms.

WHAT SIZE DO THE IMAGES COME IN? They come in the size the contributor uploaded it. Between 300K and 1.5 MB.

WHAT IS AN EDITORIAL IMAGE? They are images that havenít been released for business use.

WHAT IS STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY? It is live photography that can be used for web ads, books, magazines, news or any type of advertisement.

HOW DO I BECOME A CONTRIBUTOR OF THE imageStore? Register at the imageStore and follow the instructions to begin contributing with your images.

CAN I FIND WHERE MY IMAGES ARE BEING USED? We keep all that information in our database but members don't have access to it.

WHAT IS THE ROYALTY STRUCTURE? The imageStore is only voluntary. No contributing member is paid, people download their work for free.